About "Bestes Bio"

“Bestes Bio” is a customer survey provided by Schrot&Korn magazine that offers you an opportunity to receive independant feedback for your products from selected organic consumers. The consumers stem from our established media, mainly Schrot&Korn and cosmia magazine, as well as bio verlag’s online services. They will evaluate the respective product via detailed and structured surveys. A product that scores at least 80% of the highest possible score will be awarded with the label “Bestes Bio”. The label can be used free of charge for the course of one year.


I am a Producer in the organic trade.

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Who can participate?

Producers / distributors (no retailer brands) in the organic trade that are listed with organic wholesalers in Germany or that are currently planning a launch, are viable to participate with their product.

How do the producers benefit?

Producers and providers receive independant feedback from selected organic consumers. Your product might be viable for the “Bestes Bio” award. The respective label on the product will boost confidence in the product and the entire brand.

Even if your product DOES NOT win the award, you will reap the benefits of participating: “Bestes Bio” provides an affordable opportunity to assess the market for your product. Producers will be provided the survey’s results. Additionally, you will be able to view your own results in comparison to other participants for benchmarking purposes. If you participate over several years, you will also be able to evaluate the development of your feedback during that time.


Planned schedule for Bestes Bio 2023


The costs of participation per product is 3,500 € (plus shipping costs), including prepared market research results. If your product is awarded, the label may be used free of charge for one year.

We grant discounts for several products of one brand as well as an early bird discount of 7.5% for bookings made by 15 January 2021.


You are interested in participating, need further information or plan to register your product? Please contact us under bestes-bio@bioverlag.de