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About “Bestes Bio”

”Bestes Bio” is a customer survey provided by Schrot&Korn magazine that offers you an opportunity to receive independant feedback for your products from selected organic consumers. The consumers stem from our established media, mainly Schrot&Korn and cosmia magazine, as well as bio verlag’s online services. They will evaluate the respective product via detailed and structured surveys. A product that scores at least 80% of the highest possible score will be awarded with the label “Bestes Bio”. The label can be used free of charge for the course of one year.

About “Bestes Öko”

Ecologically certified products from the categories hygiene, cleaning and detergents as well as household goods can participate in the Schrot&Korn customer survey and are awarded the Bestes ÖKo label if they achieve 80% of the highest possible score. The label can be used free of charge for the course of one year.

Who can participate?

Producers / distributors (no retailer brands) in the organic trade that are listed with organic wholesalers in Germany or that are currently planning a launch, are viable to participate with their product.

How do the producers benefit?

Producers and providers receive independant feedback from selected organic consumers. Your product might be viable for the “Bestes Bio” award. The respective label on the product will boost confidence in the product and the entire brand.

Even if your product DOES NOT win the award, you will reap the benefits of participating: “Bestes Bio” provides an affordable opportunity to assess the market for your product. Producers will be provided the survey’s results. Additionally, you will be able to view your own results in comparison to other participants for benchmarking purposes. If you participate over several years, you will also be able to evaluate the development of your feedback during that time.

Which range of products features in the survey?

Products from the following range can participate in the survey in different categories:

  • Dry products
  • Fresh products
  • Drinks & beverages
  • Detergents & cleaning supplies
  • Cosmetics
  • Health & healthcare
What about refrigerated products?

It is not possible to participate with refrigerated products at the current time for logistical reasons.

What is the maximum number of products to participate?

You can register up to five products per year. However, it is restricted to three per brand. If you want to know more about possible discounts, please feel free to contact us.

How does the customer survey work?

You can register your products for the survey from October 2023 up till March 31st 2024. You will have to register an account and provide the respective information to your product. Come May 2024, make sure to provide our logistics partner with 120 samples of each registered product.

From March to May 2024, consumers can apply to participate via a detailed survey. After the survey candidates have been selected, they will have the opportunity to choose up to five products.

The products will be sent to the consumers in mid-June 2024. Fresh products and cool cargo will be shipped by express. Testing will commence between June and August 2024.

The results will be processed in September and October 2024. Afterwards, you will be notified if your product will receive the award. You will be presented with the full results after the award ceremony, which will take place in November.

What is the composition of the candidates?

The candidates are selected from users of bio verlag’s different media as well as interested organic consumers that applied on the website (www.schrotundkorn.de) and have been chosen for candidature. (see also question: “How are the candidates chosen?”)

How are the candidates chosen?

Readers of bio verlag’s media (Schrot&Korn and cosmia magazine) will find a call to apply for the customer survey. Candidates will be chosen via a detailed survey. They will be asked to provide personal data for statistics, purchasing and nutritional behavior and be required to prove their knowledge of the organic trade as well as their motivation. The most qualified candidates for the survey will be chosen to ensure a high rate of participation (over 95 %).

How can the candidate choose between products?

After the participants have been selected, they will receive access to the product database. There they will find detailed information about the respective products and they will be able to choose up to five products.

How will the candidate receive the products?

Producers will be required to send their products to our logistics partner, who will then commission and send the packages to the respective candidates.

How will bio verlag guarantee adequate transport of fresh products?

Our logistics partner is experienced in ensuring cold chain regulations until the products are safely delivered to the tester.

How will the products be evaluated?

After receiving the products, candidates have several weeks in order to test and provide their results via online survey. Candidates can choose between one and five stars in different categories. Scoring will be different depending on the product category. For example, groceries will be evaluated by smell, taste, texture, expected value for health and packaging. The weighted average will be put in relation to the highest possible score of the respective category.

There will also be multiple-choice and open questions that can serve as inspiration for further development. Producers are also able to provide up to five questions of their own specifically for their product. These questions won’t affect the score, however.

How will the products be selected for the awards?

After scoring is complete, the results will be processed. Products that scored at least 80 percent of the highest possible score in their respective category will receive the award “Bestes Bio”. The highest scoring products in their respective category will additionally be honoured for outstanding achievement at the gala.

Scoring goes from 0-19% “F”, 20-39% “D”, 40-59% “C”, 60-79% “B” and 80% or above to “A”. Only qualified “A” products are viable for the label “Bestes Bio”.

For how long and in which form can you use the logo?

The logo can be used freely in every media (press, print, online etc.) for advertising purposes for one year.

What about media support?

The award will generally be mentioned in:
bio verlag’s online media
Press releases